This week I tried for the first time Valsardo Reserva Superior 1999. It made a fantastic impression on me and had no secondary effects. Let me explain this. Wine is an intoxicant, created to give lots of pleasure, but its ingestion can cause (depending on the person drinking and the amount) some negative consequences.

Valsardo is made in such a way that you can enjoy fully an outstanding Ribera del Duero, drink quite a bit and feel great inmediatly afterwards. This is a “healing wine”, I decided, as Eduardo and Alfonso López de la Osa, introduced me to it at Iroco restaurant, in Madrid. My friends are respectively husband and son of Paloma Escribano, owner and creator of Valsardo. The vineyard is located in Peñafiel, Valladolid, underneath the famous castle. Paloma´s family has been making wine in the region probably since Roman times. She decided to renew the tradition by going both back to the past and way forward into the future. She has obtained highly “natural” wines, with almost zero sulphites and without a high alcohol content (alcohol is the other way to conserve wine), but at the same time she has invested a lot on technology, analysis, laboratory work and quality of the process.

Valsardo wines can still be difficult to find in Spanish wine shops, so the best option is their website, A few hours after you drink it, my bet is that you will be singing along with Van Morrison:

Here I am again
Back on the corner again
Back where I belong
Where I’ve always been
Everything the same
It don’t ever change
I’m back on the corner again
In the healing game