“Iberians on wine” has just turned one year old this December. It has been a good year. A word of thanks to you, our dear readers, and to our Guest Contributors, Fernando Vigón, Luis Barreto and Pablo Echenique. You have all helped us, busy editors, keep the blog alive and kicking. We are still amazed by the surprising number of visits per day. Please keep indulging in your eccentric tastes.

I finished 2007 watching the Ridley Scott movie “A good year” and drinking a wine that had been recommended to me by Josechu Salgado, the finest wine taster in the family, called Pintia 2003 ,from Toro (circa 27 euros). At New Year’s dinner we opened two bottles of this somewhat new kid on the block, a creature of Vega Sicilia, a little bit like a cousin from the countryside.

The first bottle of Pintia was too rustic and lacked good manners, it remind me a bit of the movie I had just watched, with Russell Crowe trying hopelessly to impersonate a British upper class banker, not terribly convincing. The second bottle, however, was very good and lived up to the high expectations we had. It was much more like “Le Coin Perdú” , the Provence wine that Crowe falls in love with.