I have recently tried two Rioja wines, both from 2006, Monte Real of Bodegas Riojanas and Vallobera by Javier San Pedro. They were both amazing, each in its own distinctive way. To use a Chinese metaphor, Monte Real was the Yang and Vallobera the Yin. And of course both wines come from the very same part of Rioja, following the Tao principle of complementarity of opossing forces.

Monte Real Crianza 2006 is one of the best buys in the region, a serious young wine full of tradition, light and capable of bringing you closer to heaven, very Yang like. Rioja Vallobera is femenine, misterious, seductive, down-to-earth wine, a Yin experience all the way. Two different friends have introduced me to each of these wines and I am looking forward to a single conversation with both of them, very Tao like, different wines but only movements and transformations of form.