By Miguel and José, Co-Editors

Our co-founder Miguel Álvaro de Campos is about to retire to his country estate in Alentejo and he has decided that he will no longer write about wine, from now on he will only enjoy it. Apparently all he wants to do is write verses, albeit inspired by wine. We wish him all the best in his new form of poetry… We are deeply grateful to him for his support launching this blog and for some of the most memorable posts ever published (“Dating the Super Douros”, “Bairrada: wines for life, and not simply for a one night love affair”). On his advice, Iberians on wine is proud to announce that Miguel Poiares Maduro will take his place as Editor. Miguel needs no introduction to Portuguese readers (not just chefs and vignerons), and he is also well known to any European law connoisseur (his love for wine and European law are not necessarily related even if that’s a topic we might research in more depth in the future). To welcome him into this brotherhood, we tasted together this week two splendid Riojas, Oscar Tobía 2004 and Finca Valpiedra 2004. They both share tremendous elegance and yet they are very different. Oscar Tobía evokes the story of the local boy who works hard until he makes it locally and then his descendants become gentry. But it remains a wine that tastes locally. It is faithful to its origins and hopes the world will embrace it. It deserves so. It is elegant in a very Coco Chanel way, who understood this virtue as refusal. Finca Valpiedra is exotic and cosmopolitan, eventhough its combination of species reminds you of the best Rioja tradition, its elegance is therefore more Yves Saint Laurenesque, “forgetting what you are wearing”. Both wines have somehow followed T. S. Eliot dictum that one travels around the world just to go back to the place where one started and know it for the first time. Just like our blog and its journey from Miguel to Miguel!