by Guest Editor Pablo Echenique

In these cold days of economic nightmares and political mediocrity many people really struggles to reach the end of the month without having to organize a garage sale at home to be able to survive.

Apparently, nowadays Spanish sovereign bonds are not exactly the international investor’s cup of tea. Probably this is due to the disastrous political and economic track record of our Government. Some brave decisions in the field of social rights are only a shining light in a quite dark global scenario. This notwithstanding, we still believe in the good shape of some world-class Spanish banks and companies that will keep us up and running. We also believe, of course, in our excellent wines. I have always thought that, in comparison with, for example, French or Italian wines, the Spanish offer the best value for money.

Becquer, a “vino de autor” coming from Rioja’s Bodegas Escudero (since 1852) is just an incredible example. I like to bring different wines to the family luncheon held every Saturday at my parents house. The other day we drank a bottle from the 2007 Becquer vintage. A jewel for less than 9 euros, it meets all the characteristics of a good wine and it has a powerful spicy bouquet of prunes and berries. Ideal to fight the crisis and to cheer-up. Just like certain tunes of those miraculous musical brothers named Rufus and Martha Wainwright, pure art against the difficulties of every-day life.