My friends always tell me that I live mostly to enjoy the summer. It is possibly true, nothing brings me closer to happiness than these careless weeks spent between Galicia and Mallorca. The combination of loved ones, sun, sea, free time and zero duties does it.

This year during my Galicia days I discovered a young wine from Toro, Termes 2014, from Bodegas Numanthia, 19 euros. There was a hint of mint and balsamic herbs in its bouquet and I even tasted wonderful forest fruits as I drank it. Perhaps I was too much under the soothing influence of long walks along the Ulla river, protected from the sun by black and green shades, an exposure that opens your imagination. But the experience of Termes stayed with me.

A few days later in Mallorca we organized a small dinner party. The excuse was the Chopin piano festival, that takes place every Sunday of August in the long corridor of La Cartuja. Antonio and Nely, dear friends from Barcelona, brought me exactly this same Toro wine, a wonderful coincidence. I tasted it with the anticipation of mixing Atlantic memories with the scents of a Mediterranean night.