I have the fortune that some of my friends compete among themselves to be the best hosts in Madrid. They mix wine, fun and friendship in wondrous ways. Some days ago, we were summoned to a dinner in a beautiful home where we drank Alión, the revered wine from Ribera del Duero (the 2015 Magnum bottles had just been put on the market). We started them like an skater carefully steps into a frozen lake, little by little, until she knows the new ice is firm. Twenty minutes later she can do flips, jumps and combinations. As the conversation became lighter and fast paced, each of us was able to predict with equal passion and certainty the results of the upcoming general election in Spain. More importantly, our highly divergent views did not matter, because we were all united in reverence of both Alión and our hosts. No other Ribera mixes elegance, depth and equilibrium in a similar way. María my wife includes Alión in the category of Stratocaster wines, her own heaven for the very best wines: https://iberians.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/stratocaster-wines