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“Summer is Delight”, wrote Emily Dickinson. I cannot agree more with her. This is the time when life begins over (according to F. Scott Fitzgerald), when everything feels new and all makes sense. I am lucky to spend this season, once again, between Galicia and Mallorca, and to enjoy Nature every day, in its Atlantic and Mediterranean splendours. From the Sil river to the valleys of the Ulloa, from the bay of Alcudia to the mythical mountains of Sierra Tramuntana, two wines stand out these summer days.

The first one is Twenty Twelve, a Majorcan wine from the Es Fangar winery, presented in a bottle typically used for a gin or another strong liquor. It is made with the Muscat grape in Felanitx, with a touch of Prensal and Viognier grapes. It has a very smooth and lasting taste, with hints of lemon and a beautiful yellow and green colour (13 euros).

The second one is a classic Rioja, Martínez-Lacuesta Crianza 2015, in Magnum format (29 euros). This is an unpretentious and profound red that reconnects you with a time when wines were true to the terroir and did not go over their head to earn points to obtain global market recognition. Nevertheless, this old family winery has updated its wine making technique and offers amazing quality at very competitive prices.