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Some of my friends accuse me of not really being yet a sophisticated wine creature, because I am still more of a red wine than a white wine personae. They are my friends and I am not going to change them, just because they are wrong. They will be happy, however, to drink with me this coming Christmas a great white wine. My holiday wine is called “Trossos Sants 2011” (which can be translated “Bits and Saints”), from the south of the Montsant region, in Cataluña. We have to thank wine maverick and architect Alfredo Arribas for his invention, that combines white Grenache grapes from old vineyards, with a touch of grey Grenache ones. Alfredo has moved away from the concept of winery into the magical idea of “wine series”, preaching the good news from his collection of “unique terroirs”, selected one by one (that is where the “Trossos” name comes from). A very serious and classic wine, that transforms fruit into a living thing and can evolve beautifully in the bottle for years. At a very affordable price of 16 euros, the horrible postmodern label should not deter you.