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Thanks to the suggestion of my friend Bill, I decided to try the new reds from the island of Tenerife. He mentioned Canary wines while we were in Ronda, Málaga. Apparently, his wine tasting group of friends in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, had discovered some very good ones. A great example of the sunny side of our interconnected and global lives.

By chance, I had to travel to Tenerife a couple of weeks later and his recommendation stayed with me. Well, I am now grateful, since I have discovered Calius 2012, of the Valle de Güímar area in East Tenerife. Made with local grapes, it is an amazing wine, intense, mineral and with a very long finish. It sells for about 13 euros.

I have read in the Calius webpage that the US founding fathers in Philadelphia toasted with a wine from the Canary Islands after signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776, a clear step in the pursuit of happiness. I just hope their wine was as good as Calius, a red that calls forth Mark Knopfler’s song “Sailing to Philadelphia” and his homage to pioneers and natural beauty:

Now hold your head up, Mason
See America lies there
The morning tide has raised
The capes of Delaware
Come up and feel the sun
A new morning has begun